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The Air-Pak™ X3 Pro SCBA

Air-Pak X3 Pro SCBA

The Air-Pak™ X3 Pro SCBA is built on a foundation of redundant safety features, providing unparalleled performance to protect the family of firefighters who expect the best in the most demanding conditions, with a focus on enhancing CleanabilityComfort, and Connectivity to ensure the security and comfort of today’s firefighter.


New Harness Materials offer greater resistance to chemical and water absorption to help minimize contamination.

Easy-to-Remove Harness allows for cleaning and decontamination after use to help minimize firefighter exposure.


New Shoulder Harness Design improves the ease of donning and minimizes pressure points to help reduce user fatigue and improve comfort.

Natural Articulation of the waist pad promotes greater range of motion to the user, while transferring weight to the hips for a more balanced load.

New Buckle Design provides firm hold to prevent inadvertent loosening of shoulder and waist straps, maintaining a secure fit of the Air-Pak X3 Pro SCBA on the firefighter

Superior Breathability offers minimal breathing resistance to help reduce user burden and improve operational efficiencies.

Redundant Safety Features afford firefighters peace of mind knowing that the Air-Pak X3 Pro SCBA is going to perform in the toughest environments.

Reflective Webbing delivers heightened visibility of the SCBA when operating in low light conditions, improving safety and accountability on the fireground.

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