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E-ONE’s 95-Platform

outperforms the competition with an industry-leading 40-second jack deployment system and full operational envelope with a mere 13’-8” jack spread on a short 245” wheelbase. The criss-cross, underslung outriggers also require less set-up space and allow for increased compartment space than “H” style jacks.

Bronto F116RLP

Truck Number: 139480
Truck Type: Platform Aerial
Chassis: Cyclone II
Price: Contact West Shore Fire

E-ONE Pumpers Deliver a World of Versatility.

Wherever there are fires and emergencies, you’ll see E-ONE’s Pumpers and Tankers. In fact, there are more than 28,000 traditional fire pumpers and rescue pumpers in active service throughout the United States, Canada and in 80-plus countries worldwide. E-ONE offers the options to fit — aluminum or stainless steel bodies, side, top, or rear mounted pump operator panels, roll-up or hinged doors, internal and external storage options and so much more.



The tarmac requires specific capabilities. You need to get your team on the scene quickly, safely, and with the preeminent fire suppression capability. For over 30 years, E-ONE has been an industry leader in the engineering, manufacturing and delivery of ARFF vehicles worldwide, meeting all FAA, NFPA and ICAO standards. As with all E-ONE vehicles, E-ONE ARFFs are engineered to perform, and tested to the strictest of standards.



E-ONE offers four custom chassis – the Quest®, Cyclone®, Typhoon® and the HS. Whichever E-ONE cab you choose, you can have confidence that it is designed with a structural cage that provides maximum protection and comfort for you and your firefighters. Structural extrusions including sub-frames, a full flange wishbone frame rail, center uprights, and crossbeam extrusions are engineered for optimum performance. Horizontal and vertical supports handle severe vertical loads, which can occur in accidents. The perimeter skin material is made of 3/16” aluminum alloy sheet for extra toughness.


MAX Maneuverability. MAX Storage. MAX Accessibility. MAX Fire-Rescue Capability. MAX Performance. Our E-ONE eMAX® pump location and apparatus configuration offers the maximum of all worlds. Maximum maneuverability with a short wheelbase, 586 feet of maximum storage space, maximum accessibility with low, pre-connected hand-lines and a rear access ladder.  Add maximum versatility to the list. E-ONE’s eMAX provides the fire, rescue and EMS response capabilities in a single, organized, custom fire apparatus.


With more than 28,000 first responder vehicles in active service throughout North America and 80 countries around the world, what really sets our industrial pumpers apart is the versatility, durability and quality you’ll receive from your E-ONE® industrial pumper. With options such as side- or top-mounted pump operator panels, roll-up or hinged doors, internal and external storage options and much more, E-ONE industrial pumpers offer the customization to meet your diverse demands.



Let’s face it. All fire apparatus look fantastic when they are new, polished and parade ready. So, what sets a particular builder’s unit apart? Climb under your apparatus, get inside to see what makes it special, or not so special. You must get down to the foundation of your truck to see if it is truly top tier. Will it last 10, 15, 20 or even 30 years in- service? Those trucks have stories to tell and may have a few scars along the way to prove it. They are part of the crew and have earned their place. They have a legacy.


E-ONE® Tankers were designed from the ground up to deliver the maximum amount of water to the scene with the minimum amount of personnel.  E-ONE Tankers are rugged yet compact, easy-to-operate vehicles designed to meet demanding suburban, rural and urban-interface operational needs.  When the scene demands large amounts of water, the E-ONE Tankers answer the call.

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